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Every kind of accommodation is available in Budapest in the summer period: hostels, hotels, university rooms, private apartments etc. The prices range from extremely cheap and good value to pretty outrageously expensive so it is worth shopping around. also check the local transport links since staying a little out of the centre might be much…

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2 responses to “Accommodation”

  1. Tomek Zwolinski avatar
    Tomek Zwolinski


    I was in Budapest last year and I think this is a great idea to share accommodation. Also making connections is crucial, as we all know. So I’m in šŸ˜€

    Please WhatsApp me: +48 532 065 810

  2. Simonida avatar

    Yes, I would like to share accommodation. I was not in Budapest before so every recommendation is welcome.
    My contact on Viber/WhatsApp: +38163 8910 – 750 – Simonida