The Conductors Academy was established in 2009 with the support and encouragement of the legendary Russian maestro, Yuri Simonov to further develop and disseminate knowledge about the development of the highest levels of conducting skills.

Directed by Jonathan Brett and Maciej Żółtowski, our projects have included more than twenty masterclasses with professional orchestras with students coming from every part of the world. These have been arranged with partners in the UK, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Estonia and Brazil.

In 2017 the Audite International Conducting Competition was a unique innovation: a conducting competition with screened jury and judgement on the basis of sound. The idea was to help clarify that skilled conducting is not merely visible but also clearly audible.

The move to online working through the pandemic led us to discover just how powerful online teaching can be. Taking the lessons learned from the Audite Competition and our online working we developed the Audite International Masterclass in 2023 and this is now the main thrust of our work.