Audite International Masterclass

A unique opportunity

“An amazing chance to learn about real mastery!”

Maxim Vengerov – Patron

We want to open the mysteries of conducting mastery to all and created the Audite programme to meet that goal.

This launched in 2023 and, as one participant put it: “In years of study, I’ve never encountered such a detailed and exhaustive investigation of all aspects of conducting. It has transformed the way I approach a score and has paved the way to arrive at the highest quality of gesture, one that has real influence on physical sound. This course is truly unique in the world, led by a master of the highest artistic integrity and craftsmanship.”

We believe that this programme is a complete game-changer in the field of conducting masterclasses, not only for the exceptional quality of the teaching but because all tuition is provided free of charge.

This means that Audite offers a fantastic chance to learn about the processes involved in high-level conducting and musical interpretation and enhance practical skills.

Dates and locations

8 – 12 April
29 June – 6 July
  • Live classes in Budapest featuring Jonathan Brett and the Solti Chamber Orchestra and working with four key repertoire symphonies. Here you can learn about conducting these masterworks at first hand from a leading pedagogue and a fine professional orchestra.


  • Further free online tuition in the form of one or more Junior Fellowships.



Symphony No 8


Symphony No 103 Drum-roll


Symphony No 38 Prague


Symphony No 3

How to join

  1. Complete the application form (the deadline is 31 March 2024).
  2. Register for the online classes using the link sent by email.
  3. Organise your travel and accommodation in Budapest.


  1. There is a registration fee of £200 (£160 for Standard and Premium Members) which goes towards our administration costs.
  2. Although donations are always welcomed, any further financial contribution is optional.
  3. Participants are responsible for organising and paying for their own travel, accommodation and meals.