Audite International Masterclass

Audite 2023

Our first Audite International Masterclass was held online in April 2023 with a week of live lessons with the Solti Chamber Orchestra in Budapest at the end of June.

The programme was as follows:


Overtures: Le Nozze di Figaro, Cosi fan tutte, Don Giovanni.


Symphonies: 1, 2, & 4

Click here for the final concert video.


I’ve never encountered such a detailed and exhaustive exploration of the mechanisms of conducting, and I was really blown away by the amount of thought that went into the presentations.

I found the educational value to be huge – both of the online and the in-person classes. I’m very grateful that the online portion was recorded and made available for further review – I certainly profited from watching the lectures a second time, picking up on things I missed upon initial exposure.

My goal was to thoroughly understand how sound is combined with gesture, but the knowledge I received during the course exceeded my expectations.

The in-person lessons, too, were certainly worth the trip to Budapest! They clarified many things – seeing the principles in action was very precious, as was trying things out for myself and feeling what worked and what didn’t.

Hearing live what a huge difference in sound quality can be achieved by improving the technique is a priceless experience that is difficult to describe. Moreover, I am not talking about things that can be heard in very popular and streamed conducting master classes on YouTube with the best orchestras and world-famous conductors, such as “with a smaller gesture, it will be better”, but about a special system that really influences the musicians’ subconscious.

The entire programme has been an extremely enriching experience that I got a lot out of and that has fundamentally changed my approach to gesture.

I really appreciated the demonstrations at the end of each orchestral session, which shone light on a path forward.

Audite has been nothing short of a paradigm shift. In years of study, I’ve never encountered such a detailed and exhaustive investigation of all aspects of conducting. It has transformed the way I approach a score and has paved the way to arrive at the highest quality of gesture, one that has real influence on physical sound. This course is truly unique in the world, led by a master of the highest artistic integrity and craftsmanship.