• Budapest Confirmation

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  • Budapest Orchestra Classes

    We learn the most from observing high quality work and from private study so, rather than offering any specific amount of podium time to anyone, this class is arranged to support that process. This means that those who are to receive an extended lesson with the orchestra must demonstrate: Selection The Budapest class will start…

  • Accommodation

    Every kind of accommodation is available in Budapest in the summer period: hostels, hotels, university rooms, private apartments etc. The prices range from extremely cheap and good value to pretty outrageously expensive so it is worth shopping around. also check the local transport links since staying a little out of the centre might be much…

  • Budapest Class Information

    Everyone who applied is welcome to join the class in Budapest – there is no form of pre-selection. If you were not able to join the online classes live, however, then we strongly recommend that you review the videos because without this information it will be difficult to understand a great deal of what is…

  • Online classes 2024

    Online classes for Audite 2024

  • Audite 2023 Concert Rehearsals

    The rehearsals for the final concert of the Audite International Masterclass 2023.

  • Audite 2023 Classes

    The orchestral sessions from the Audite International Masterclass 2023

  • Audite 2023 Demonstrations

    Jonathan Brett’s demonstrations from the orchestral sessions for the Audite International Masterclass 2023.