• Conducting Exercises

    These exercises are designed to support the development of key skills in managing pattern, pulse and phrasing.

  • A unique opportunity

    We want to open the mysteries of conducting mastery to all and created the Audite programme to meet that goal. This launched in 2023 and, as one participant put it: “In years of study, I’ve never encountered such a detailed and exhaustive investigation of all aspects of conducting. It has transformed the way I approach…

  • Raising the bar

    These classes are for those who have a solid understanding of the core principles we promote and show how to take the game forwards – in terms of artistic ambition, interpretation, gesture and rehearsal method.

  • Mastering Time

    Like stage magic, conducting is an activity steeped in mystery ā€“ many see the results but the complexity of the processes means that it is one of perpetual learning. This series of presentations explores the component tasks, exposes some of the myths, analyses the challenges and examines the principles underlying the connection between gesture and…

  • Structure

    Applications The class is open to all applicants and tuition is free throughout. online classes (8-12 April) The first stage of the programme is five online classes with Jonathan Brett, one each day for a week. These provide a solid grounding in the principles relating to advanced conducting and an outline of the skills which…