Audite International Masterclass

Terms & Conditions

Participation in the Audite programme is subject to agreement to the following terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy:

  1. Eligibility
    1. Audite is open to all who are interested in developing their knowledge about conducting.
    2. There is no age limit or other restriction of any kind.
    3. Opportunities for individual tuition and conducting the orchestra will be determined through a selection process. This will require candidates to demonstrate both musical insight and technical prowess.
    4. The decision of the CA directors concerning the outcome of the selection process is final.
  2. Applications
    1. Application may be made by submitting the sign up form along with card payment of the registration fee.
    2. The final deadline for signing up is 31 March at 23.59 (UTC+1).
    3. In the event of excessive demand making it necessary to limit the number of participants then registration may be closed at any time without notice.
    4. The registration fee constitutes a contribution to the administrative costs of the programme and is therefore non-returnable.
    5. Payment of the registration fee must be made online by credit or debit card using the form provided. We regret that we are unable to accept payment by any other means.
  3. Conduct of the class
    1. The official language of the class is English.
    2. Candidates who require assistance with communication in English are welcome to participate but must provide their own interpreter.
    3. Participants should prepare all the works on the programme.
    4. Participants are responsible for providing their own scores for all the works on the programme.
    5. All classes are provided free of further charge to those who register but any and all other costs relating to participation – such as purchase of scores, travel expenses, visas, accommodation and subsistence – are the responsibility of the participant.
    6. We strongly recommend that participants obtain insurance to cover any costs incurred in the event of their being unable to participate.
    7. In the event of circumstances beyond the control of the organisers, different pedagogues may be engaged or the format, content or dates of classes may be altered.
    8. In order to retain active involvement, participants must arrive punctually (i.e. at least five minutes before the stated start time time) at the locations indicated by the organisers.
    9. Participants who are absent, late or otherwise fail to comply with the reasonable directions of the organisers may be disqualified from further participation at the sole discretion of the organisers.
    10. The participants agree that all stages of the class may be filmed, recorded or photographed by the organisers or their agents and that, unless authorised in writing by the organisers, any other form of filming, recording or photography is prohibited.
    11. The participants agree to provide the organisers full and permanent right to usage, free from all restrictions, of all application data and all films, recordings and images from classes without any form of financial compensation.
    12. Participants who complete the programme will be eligible to become Premium Members and access to video and images from the orchestra sessions will be made available to all Premium Members.
    13. In all matters not specifically described in these regulations, the decision of the organisers will be final.
    14. In the event of any dispute as to the obligations of the organisers or the rights of participants the United Kingdom is the relevant legal authority.