Audite International Masterclass



The class is open to all applicants and tuition is free throughout.

online classes (8-12 April)

The first stage of the programme is five online classes with Jonathan Brett, one each day for a week. These provide a solid grounding in the principles relating to advanced conducting and an outline of the skills which must be demonstrated in order to conduct the orchestra at the subsequent stages.

Each class is around 90 minutes in duration. Participants can choose to join either the morning or afternoon sessions to allow for participation from diverse time zones.

masterclass in Budapest (29 June – 6 July)

The second stage of the programme aims to show the practical application of the principles outlined in the online classes in respect to significant masterpieces from the orchestral repertoire.

The programme commences with interviews / auditions, from which up to 12 participants will be chosen to conduct the orchestra. Thereafter, the class programme will be studied through preparatory lessons and orchestral rehearsals under the guidance of Jonathan Brett. All participants should prepare the entire programme:


Symphony No 8


Symphony No 103 Drum-roll


Symphony No 38 Prague


Symphony No 3

After the daily classes finish there are normally further cultural programmes. In the past these have encompassed musically themed guided walks, museum trips, authentic folk music performances and lectures about Hungarian musical culture.

Subsequent to the orchestral session on 4 July, three conductors will be chosen to rehearse one of the symphonies on 5 July for performance at the final public concert on 6 July.

All sessions of the class will be filmed and materials made available to participants for further study.

From the conductors at the final concert, one or more will be awarded a CA Junior Fellowship, providing 30 hours of online tuition within the following year. Further tuition awards may be made at the discretion of the directors.