Audite 2023



The class is open to all applicants and tuition is free throughout. The unique element of the selection procedure is that participants can not only observe the classes but also participate in the selection processes at stages 3-6, gaining valuable experience in making assessments about conductors – sometimes through observation and sometimes purely on the basis of what is heard.

Stage 1 – online classes (17-21 April)

The first stage is online classes with Jonathan Brett. These are of around 90 minutes in duration and take place every day for five days with different timings to allow for participation from diverse time zones. These classes will provide a solid grounding of understanding about effective conducting and the skills which must be demonstrated in order to conduct the orchestra at the subsequent stages. At the end of the week the tasks to be completed for the assessment will be explained. Click here (opens in a new tab) for more details.

Stage 2 – selection task (deadline 14 May)

The selection process will explore both musical and technical questions. The tasks to be completed will be fully explained at the end of the online classes. A further online workshop will help clarify the skills and understanding which are essential for success.

On the basis of the selection task, up to 24 applicants will be invited to conduct at the following stage and will allocated one of the three programmes to prepare.

Stage 3 – live lessons / auditions (24-26 June)

The live stages of Audite 2023 will be in Budapest and are open to all those who participate at stage 2 – we strongly encourage attendance because observation and assessment of work by others provides an important learning opportunity.

Each day the class will focus on one of these programmes and each of the conductors will receive 30 minutes tuition in the morning in preparation for later assessment by the class. In the afternoon the conductors will give a demonstration of their skills, which will be marked by the other participants and the CA directors – half of whom will be making their assessment from behind a screen. 9 conductors will be selected for the following stage.

Stage 4 – masterclasses with orchestra (27-29 June)


Each day 3 conductors will receive a 45-minute lesson with Jonathan Brett and the Solti Chamber Orchestra from which 1 will then be selected – in the same way as before – for participation in the final stages.


After the daily classes finish we will be providing opportunities to participate in further cultural programmes – the exact details are yet to be settled. As well as trips to important musical heritage sites (such as the newly-renovated opera house, the houses of Liszt, Kodály and Bartók or the Beethoven museum at Martonvásár) we hope to be able to organise authentic folk music experiences.

Stage 5 – rehearsal (30 June)

The three conductors chosen will each have a 45 minute rehearsal with the orchestra under the guidance of Jonathan Brett.

Stage 6 – public masterclass (1 July)

3 conductors will each give a performance (approx 20 minutes) followed by a lesson (approx 25 minutes).

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