Audite 2023


Online Classes

Stage 1

The online classes will be modelled on the workshops presented by Jonathan Brett which have been highly successful at Cambridge and Edinburgh Universities in the UK as well as in Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Russia and Brazil and online since the Covid19 epidemic.

This class provides a thorough grounding in the principles which underly our approach to conducting, concerning the music itself, the role of the conductor, and the mechanisms and techniques involved in the effective management of sound. The aim here is not only to develop and inspire but also to help provide a level playing field for the next stage of this class.

These expect some familiarity with standard repertoire – click here for more details (opens in a new tab).

Stage 2 – selection task

As well as general points of technique, the remaining stages will all focus on study of the following works:


Overtures: Le Nozze di Figaro, Cosi fan tutte, Don Giovanni.


Symphonies: 1, 2, & 4

Live classes in Budapest

Stages 3-4 – live classes

We recommend that the scores should be memorized but conducting without score is not compulsory.

Stages 5-6 – Performance class

Each conductor will perform one of the following programmes.


Overture Don Giovanni
Symphony No 1 (first movement)


Overture Le Nozze di Figaro
Symphony No 2 (first movement)


Overture Cosi fan tutte
Symphony No 4 (first movement)

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Mastering Time

Like stage magic, conducting is an activity steeped in mystery – many see the results but the complexity of the processes means that it is one of perpetual learning. This series of presentations explores the component tasks, exposes some of the myths, analyses the challenges and examines the principles underlying the connection between gesture and high quality sound.

In the words of one of our past participants: "This is a course for people who want their music to be the best it can possibly be – for the orchestra, for the composer, for the audience and for themselves. This course is about what really works and is taught by someone for whom it really does."

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