Audite 2023


  • How is this programme funded?
    • Audite 2023 is fully funded by Classic Concerts Trust, through development funds raised primarily through donations.
  • Will this programme be available again next year?
    • We hope so but it depends entirely on the funds raised by Classic Concert Trust. The more people sign up for Audite 2023, the better the chance that we can continue to develop this programme.
  • How will the donations and registration fees arising from Audite 2023 be used?
    • They will be used to support future Audite programmes or other charitable musical projects endorsed by Classic Concerts Trust.
  • Can donations be refunded once made?
    • No, a donation is non-returnable.
  • Are registration fees refundable?
    • If the application is accepted for review then the fee is not refundable. Any registration fees received relating to applications we do not have capacity to review will be refunded.
  • If I cannot attend the online classes for some reason, can I still apply for the live classes?
    • We do not recommend applying for Stage 2 without viewing the online classes. The online classes will, however, be recorded and so long as there are no technical or other issues preventing this, we will make the video available for a period after the classes for participants either to review (or, if they could not attend, watch for the first time).

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