Audite 2023

A unique opportunity

“An amazing chance to learn about real mastery”

Maxim Vengerov – Patron

We want to open the mysteries of conducting mastery to all with a serious interest and have created the Audite 2023 programme to meet that goal.

This programme is a complete game-changer in the field of conducting masterclasses. We want to help real talent to develop, wherever it springs from so everyone can apply and tuition is free. This means that Audite 2023 is a fantastic chance not just to learn about high-level conducting and musical interpretation but to develop real practical professional conducting skills.

This is an opportunity for everyone from the keen student or amateur to those already making solid professional careers who want to refine their skills. It is a programme through which everyone will be able to develop their expertise through a process which is competitive and rewards those with the most advanced professional skills but which still allows for active learning and participation right up to the final performances.

All those who sign up will get:

  • A week of fantastic online classes with Jonathan Brett.
  • The chance to compete for an invitation to join our live classes in Budapest with Jonathan Brett and the Solti Chamber Orchestra, an opportunity to learn at first hand about real conducting mastery with a leading pedagogue and a professional orchestra.

How to join

  1. Sign up with a donation of at least £9.99.
  2. Look out for the registration link in your email.
  3. Join the online classes.

That’s it!

How it works

  • Participation in the online classes at Stage 1 opens the chance to apply for the live classes in Budapest.
  • The application fee for the live classes is £150.
  • The best 24 applicants will be invited to conduct at the live classes. Of these 9 will be chosen to conduct the orchestra, of whom 3 will then conduct at the final public class.
  • Those whose applications are unsuccessful can still attend and vote in the selection processes for the later stages.
  • To learn more, check the details.

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Mastering Time

Like stage magic, conducting is an activity steeped in mystery – many see the results but the complexity of the processes means that it is one of perpetual learning. This series of presentations explores the component tasks, exposes some of the myths, analyses the challenges and examines the principles underlying the connection between gesture and high quality sound.

In the words of one of our past participants: "This is a course for people who want their music to be the best it can possibly be – for the orchestra, for the composer, for the audience and for themselves. This course is about what really works and is taught by someone for whom it really does."

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